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Film lamination adds a protective coating and stabilizes ink from scratches and smears. It's lightweight, easy to clean, and it's a less expensive option versus glass or plexiglass. We can laminate printed pieces up to 60" wide by any length. Lamination protects printed materials and enhances  images to create a beautiful, long-lasting finished product.

A wide-variety of finishes and textures give your art the look you desire, while the UV protection provides protection from fading. Digital inks are not as stable as conventional inks and can fade over time if placed in direct light. Laminate is especially important for keeping your color true and long lasting.

Lamination offers: 

  • UV protection
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cost effective
  • Ink color stabilization
  • Lightweight alternative to glass 
  • Up to 60" width by any length

Suggested Uses:

  • Custom Framing - light-weight and cost effective alternative to glass or plexiglass, especially when used on large pieces.
  • Stretched Canvas -  A superior alternative to varnish.  Lamination will enhance the canvas texture instead of masking it.
  • Board Mount - Enhances and protects the image and provides a lightweight alternative to traditional framing.

Lamination Finish Options:

  • Matte eliminates reflection while retaining color definition
  • Satin low-light reflection with a slightly textured finish
  • Gloss best for clarity, color and contrast - makes colors pop!
  • Dry Erase gloss finish for write-on/wipe-off applications using dry-erase markers
  • Lexan ultra-durable lamination available in matte, gloss, and textured finish.

Lamination makes paper last a lot longer.

Lamination makes paper last a lot longer.